Digitize access to your facilities with facial biometrics

Benefits of using facial biometrics

Offer your club members a faster and more convenient access experience. No ID cards. No queues.

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What do they say about us?

"After the experience we had heard about other clubs such as Tennis and San Juan, it prompted us to take the step towards facial recognition, and the truth is that it has been a very satisfactory experience, and the members are very happy with the club for having implemented it."
Pablo Navallas
Manager at C.D Amaya
"With dasGate, we can now manage visits much better. And the elderly are delighted, it's a very convenient system for them, and it's the most used access option."
Gabriel Alonso
Manager at Stadium Venecia

How do we help in the access control of sports facilities?

1-click remote registration of partners

There are two registration options:

Acceso a entidades deportivas

Authentication and biometric access

Forget about ID cards and access only with your face.

Technology compatible with any

access control and management system

Privacy by default and by design

We comply 100% with the General Data Protection Regulation, with the AEPD and with the rest of the European regulations.

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