Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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Your face, the key to unlock everything

We provide access to real people, not their credentials

Face biometrics

The new way of access

Fast, convenient and highly secure

We make it possible for a person to access their workplace, sports club or event with just their face, thanks to our facial biometrics technology.

without credentials and contactless

Come on in, you're already in


The user is registered and verifies his identity in less than 1 minute.


The user arrives at the facility and presents itself at the biometric terminal.


The user is recognized in less than 1 second and the barrier opens.

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A single solution for different use cases

A centralized, streamlined and simpler visitor management process

Our visitor management solution allows users to authenticate and access quickly and conveniently through the terminal with their face and biometric QR without having to identify themselves at the reception desk.

Thanks to our patented biometric QR technology, users can be in control of their data at all times.

Access control to salons, bingos and casinos

The terminal captures the player’s facial biometrics and reads the MRZ from the document.

Checks that the MRZ of the document presented by the player is correct, that the document is valid, registered and that the person is the document holder.

Biometric outdoor access

Designed for drivers to quickly and conveniently access with their face and biometric QR.

Control of border crossing points

Entry Exit System

European legislation stipulates that as of May 2022, any third-country national must be registered when entering and leaving the European area.

We have developed equipment that complies with these regulations, serving the control of third-country nationals with the registration of their identity document, fingerprint, and facial biometrics.

Boarding of means of transport with an identity document


Embarque en medios de transporte con documento de identidad.

We have developed an identity card, passport and residence permit reading device to facilitate safe and fast access to trains, ships and planes.

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