Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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Club Deportivo Amaya joins the access with facial biometrics

Club Deportivo Amaya has opted for the digitalization of the accesses to its facilities with our dasGate system to simplify and improve the entity’s management and offer a better experience to its members. 

The system has been installed with our partner Nubapp and its sports management software, Resasports. 

It is a new, convenient system that facilitates quick entry. It is essential to integrate well with our management program (Nubapp) and access control (NR).

Pablo Navallas, Manager of C.D Amaya

The software enables comprehensive management with sports clubs, from the relationship with members, subscriptions, and payments to the management of space reservations or registrations in sports entities, as well as communication tools to maintain contact with the center’s users.


The main focus of Resasports is to free club staff of tasks and automate processes so that they can focus on taking care of their members.

This alliance benefits the Club, saving costs and time in goal management and increasing security by knowing the exact number and identity of people accessing the Club.

It also benefits the members, as it improves the access experience by not needing cards, bracelets, or QR, and they can access only with their face in less than 1 second, avoiding queues.

Sports Clubs opt to modernize their accesses with facial biometrics

This installation at C.D. Amaya adds another use case for dasGate, which has already deployed this solution in more than 35 sports entities throughout Spain to improve and automate access management processes.

Along with C.D. Amaya, in Navarra, members of the Club Tenis de Pamplona, and Agrupación Deportiva San Juan, already enjoy this innovative access system. Other sports entities such as; Club Tennis Sabadell, in Catalonia, Go Fit in Madrid, Club Tenis Osca in Aragon, Club Nazaret in Andalusia, Stadium Venecia in Zaragoza, or Real Grupo de Cultura Covadonga, located in Asturias, have also relied on dasGate to advance in their digital transformation.

Improved member experience and convenience

The keys to success are convenience, speed, and security; this is how dasGate improves the access experience of members to their sports entities, allowing access to any facility with the face in less than 1 second and without the need for physical credentials.

To date, 30% have accepted the system, and more people are joining daily. Our members are delighted with the system because recognizing them by their faces makes them feel relevant within the organization.

Pablo Navallas, Manager of C.D. Amaya

For members to gain access to the facilities through the dasGate system, they have to give their consent to the club, and the club will register them based on a photo.

After registration, the user has to approach the facial terminal located at the access points of their club, which will open in less than 1 second after recognizing the person.

dasGate’s performance can provide access to 40 people per minute, an unprecedented number of access to sports facilities. This access speed creates an exceptional user experience, with no waiting and no queues.

Increased security for the club

This biometric access system verifies the identity of people accessing the club and denies access to those who do not have permission to enter. At the same time, it eliminates the possibility of handing out credentials, such as ID cards or keys, thus increasing the club’s security level.

Quick and easy implementation

Our system integrates seamlessly with the customer’s sports software and any lathe or door, installed and operational in less than six weeks.

The first part of the process consisted of preparing the acceptance documents, which our data protection officer reviewed. Subsequently, a social impact assessment was carried out, a legal requirement. Once the equipment was installed, we communicated to all our partners the proposal for voluntary acceptance of the facial recognition system.

Pablo Navallas, Manager of C.D. Amaya
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