An end-to-end solution that facilitates compliance with gambling regulation

Complies with the
regulations relating to gambling

Make your salon a safe and responsible gaming environment

Players' registration

In less than 1 minute

Access with the face

In less than 1 second

Our terminals are able to recognise you in less than 1 second, and check if you are the holder of your identity document.

In addition, they can be connected to Access Control turnstiles or virtual door cameras.

Players' management
web portal

We provide a web portal for player registration and access management, which allows for the following: 

Reduce to 0 the registration and access for minors and prohibited players

Benefits for gambling halls, bingos and casinos

Compliance guaranteed

We are fully committed to regulation and compliance. Therefore, our systems allow us to offer guarantees of accuracy, security and data protection by ensuring privacy by default and by design.

We comply 100% with the General Data Protection Regulation, with the AEPD and with the rest of the European regulations.

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