The Real Grupo de Cultura Covadonga will offer dasGate’s access solution to its members and employees

El Real Grupo de Cultura Covadonga will install the new facial recognition access system at all its sites within two years. In this way, it will offer its members and employees a more agile and convenient form of access and optimise access times and costs related to access control.

Successful access tests with your employees

Last September, the Real Grupo de Cultura Covadonga, the sports club with the largest number of members in Spain, and one of the best in Europe, began testing and installing dasGate’s biometric access system.
The tests, which have been successfully passed with satisfactory results, have been carried out with several employees of the Group to evaluate the effectiveness and accuracy of the facial recognition system. For this reason, a new test phase has been started with the rest of the employees, before the implementation for the club members.

What is the dasGate access solution?

dasGate’s facial access systems are designed to optimise security and access control to buildings and facilities by providing convenience to users.

These facial recognition readers are integrated and connected with the current access doors of the facilities and with the access control system, allowing only members and employees of the Covadonga Group to pass through, in a faster, more efficient and safer way. To do this, users simply consent to register their facial biometrics from their photo stored in the Group’s database. This process complies with European and Spanish data protection regulations, allowing members and employees to decide on their data at all times.

In addition, this biometric solution avoids the transfer of membership cards, the formation of queues at the entrance gates and allows a strict control of the capacity and an increase in the security of the facilities. Improving users’ comfort who will no longer be forced to carry their membership card or ID card to prove that they are them.

After the trial period, the Real Grupo de Cultura Covadonga will offer a better access experience to its facilities to its members and employees in less than a second, without queuing at the entrance and without the need for physical credentials.

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