Sports entities from all over Spain seek their digital transformation at dasGate event

With El Sadar as the backdrop, numerous sports clubs and entities from all over Spain gathered at an event organized by dasGate, with Resasports and the Association of Sports and Recreational Clubs and Entities (ACEDYR), in search of guidance and advice to advance their digital transformation.

Eduardo Azanza, CEO of dasGate, was in charge of opening the conference. He did so by recalling that digital transformation and identity are linked. Therefore, dasGate works with three axes: the user experience, making people access the venues for who they are since there is nothing more accurate than the face or voice of the same; security, since biometric technology helps prevent fraud; and cost savings, allowing companies to understand their business better and, with the data in hand, they can guide their promotional activities.

Alfonso Urrizburu, dasGate’s Business Unit Director, pointed out that biometric access is a private and secure technology already implemented in many sectors, not only in sports. This reduction in face-to-face interactions is widely accepted. For example, 60% of the Pamplona Tennis Club members already access the facilities with their faces instead of their ID cards. In addition, Spain’s most significant sports club, the Real Grupo de Cultura Covadonga, also relies on dasGate to advance its digital transformation.

On the other hand, Urrizburu stressed that there is no digital divide here. The elderly have greatly welcomed these initiatives: “They love biometric accesses for their convenience and comfort.” Finally, he pointed out that organizations that start by installing a few biometric accesses do not usually take long to add others “because it is their members who ask them to do so.”

Javier Bengoechea, Business Development Director of Resasports, and Álex Catalina, Commercial Director of FitnessKPI, presented their tools, emphasizing the importance of digital transformation and data analysis for any business, especially sports.

The event continued with a visit to El Sadar, voted the best stadium in the world in 2021, which already has eight biometric accesses. The tour of the Osasuna stadium was preceded by a practical demonstration of the dasGate technology, which showed the simplicity and convenience of its use.

The day concluded with a lunch where the representatives of all the clubs and sports entities, coming from different parts of Spain, could exchange ideas and opinions on the digitization of their facilities.

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