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Our biometric solutions are designed to be implemented independently of the Client's access control system and entry doors. Ease and experience of use are our standards


about GDPR compliance

Do das-Nano solutions comply with data protection regulations?

Yes. We comply with the RGPD UE 2016/679 and the LOPD GDD 3/2018. We develop technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, allowing us to offer guarantees of precision, security, and data protection in a sense required by privacy principles by default and from the design.

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What does the draft IA regulation published by the European Commission say?

On April 21, 2021, the European Commission published its proposal to the European Parliament and the European Council for a European regulation on Artificial Intelligence. This proposal establishes a common framework within the European Union in the law of specific Artificial Intelligence applications.

Among the issues that are the subject of the proposal, biometrics for identification purposes is included.

The document establishes some requirements that the biometric service provider must meet according to the application made of the technology. We comply with these demands.

What certifications do the solutions have?

One of our objectives is to transmit confidence, security, and tranquility to our clients. To do this, we work to obtain all possible certifications regarding the safety and protection of our customers and users. We have ISO 9001, ISO 27001, iBETA Leve1, an Impact Evacuation report, a certificate from the National Cryptological Center, etc. In addition, we submit our technology to the world’s leading body for performance measurement and accuracy of reconnaissance engines: NIST NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STANDARDS AND TECHNOLOGIES.

Are dasGate technologies your own or those of third parties?

Yes, 100% own. All identity documents, voice, and facial recognition technologies are manufactured by das-Nano. We have a technical team with international experience in artificial intelligence technologies.

What companies already use the das-Gate solution in their access control?

BBVA, IOM, United Nations, Caixabank, Veramatic, Go-Fit, Sports clubs with +20,000 members, ADIF Zambrano among others.

Is dasGate deployed in Madrid to visit on-site?

We invite you to see the deployment at La Vela headquarters (BBVA headquarters in Madrid).


related to operations

Are face readers accurate?

In an access solution with facial recognition, the engine is the key. Our neural network engine is submitted to the NIST (world-renowned institute) competitions, remaining among the best in the world.

Can I use my current gates or lathes?

Yes. Our face readers can be attached to any access door. We have projects in which our equipment is placed on ARGUSA, MANUSA, and GUNNEBO doors.

Do I have to change my existing access control program?

No. We offer connections to the best access control software manufacturers. We communicate with DORLET, DIGITEK, NEDAP, LENEL, NEDAP, GENETEC, SMI FICHET and, a long list of recognized brands in the market. In addition, we are interested in increasing the list of approved brands so we can connect with your access control system if it is not on our list.

Can you put a face reader on the wall?

Yes. Our face readers are VESA mountable, so they are easily mountable on a wall.

How long does it take to implement a das-Gate solution?

Depending on the solution, we can talk from 4 to 8 weeks from the confirmation of the order. We have a technical and installation team that assists the client in the implementation.

What installation and after-sales service does das-Gate offer?

das-Nano has a network of installers and after-sales services. If the client wants, we can train his installer to carry out the maintenance of the solutions.

What guarantee does facial equipment offer?

The facial readers manufactured by das-Nano are robust and durable. We have not wanted to make materials cheaper since we think that a reader should last for years in operation. That’s why we offer much more durable readers than Asian-sourced computers.

Does the visit log include identity verification?

The visit solution includes the capture of the ID and the selfie of the visit. With these two pieces of evidence, we make a comparison of the selfie with the photo of the document to verify that the person doing the registration is the owner of the paper; We also get the OCR of the identity document and check that there is no manipulation of data or photo in it. This process is called the verification of the identity of the visitor.


about prices

Are das-Gate readers more expensive than Asian readers?

No. If we look at the price of the equipment, the answer would be different since Asian manufacturers produce equipment with inferior qualities. Das-Nano face readers last longer, are more accurate, and allow for more functionality; They also solve problems that Asian readers do not address, such as visit management, biometric vector privacy, not saving photos in readers, etc.

Is there an option to rent equipment?

Yes, we offer this option for gaming and event solutions. Always with a study of the client and the project.

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