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> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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das-Nano Group and the Navarre Employment Service launch a program to train ‘Software Builders’

From das-Nano Group, together with the Navarre Employment Service, we have created the training program ‘Digital Bricklayers – Software Builders’ aimed at professionals who are unemployed or who want to turn their careers around.

The program presentation took place in our offices and was attended by the President of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite. Taking advantage of her visit, the President toured the facilities and saw first-hand the innovations that dasGate, Veridas, and das-Nano, the three business units of the group, have implemented in more than 120 customers around the world.

The President of Navarre, registering to use one of the dasGate accesses.

'Software Builders' program

‘Software Builders’ was born from the combination of a need and a purpose. This condition is based on the calculation that Europe will need around 20 million people with profiles related to digital transformation in the coming years. According to experts in the sector, around 29,000 profiles if we limit this need to Navarre. The aim is centered on the firm conviction that software development is a source of high-value employment generation, which can help alleviate data such as that which places our country at the top of the lists of youth unemployment in Europe. Two additional facts round off the equation: first, the demand for IT profiles already exceeds the supply of professionals by 30%. Secondly, Spain will receive some 200,000 million euros from Europe over the next five years, a large percentage of which will be earmarked for digital transformation.

The training will be in Bootcamp format, based on the “Learning by doing” methodology, eminently practical learning. It will consist of 600 hours in a hybrid classroom-home-training format, plus 450 hours of internships in a company. According to national and international surveys, the training starts from acquiring fundamental programming language concepts to developing web projects, one of the three most demanded digital professions.

The preparation of a ‘digital bricklayer’ can take six months full-time or one year part-time to undertake basic projects such as developing the core technologies required in most software creation projects (Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, Node, React, SQL, etc.). 

This program is born locally, it will be taught in Pamplona by das-Nano employees, but it can be scaled up nationally: it is a training that can be 100% online, and the main burden is borne by the student, with the mentor’s role being to accompany, resolve doubts and provide guidance in the search for information and solutions on the web. The program will be launched in September and is currently in the selection phase for students who do not require technical knowledge or previous experience in the sector but must pass basic training before starting the course itself. Those interested can contact the das-Nano group itself or the Navarre Employment Service.

Navarre, a centre of attraction for technological talent

The president of Navarre listens to an explanation of how a das-Nano robot works.

Eduardo Azanza, CEO of the das-Nano group, explained that “for the first time in history, we can generate wealth without investment: software is an asset capable of being created with talent, training, and work, without the need for capital.” Like any other sector, Azanza made it clear that the technology sector “requires profiles with different levels of experience and technical knowledge. There is room and need for less technical profiles. There is a need for technological ‘manpower'”.

Sergio Álvarez is a Front End Developer at Veridas, but his initial training was as a graphic designer. Sergio recounted his experience of professional reconversion to get to where he is today, highlighting that “this is the training that I missed at the time; I would have appreciated having this program when I decided to change my professional path.” In his view, “perseverance, imagination and knowledge are the three keys to working in the technological world.” He stressed that “you have to get rid of the fear of technology” and sees this training “more than as a course, as a way into the labor market.” 

For her part, María Chivite stated that “this is a pioneering and innovative experience that will have an echo beyond our borders.” She also stressed that “Navarre aspires to bring all these digital nomads, as we have a magnificent environment to work and grow professionally” and, finally, the President of the Government of Navarre wanted to “thank the social commitment of the entire das-Nano group.”

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