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> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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Veramatic Group trusts dasGate to lead the new responsible gambling scenario

dasGate has joined forces with Grupo Veramatic, one of the major gambling players in Spain, which, as already announced by Sector del Juego in last February’s Responsible Gaming Special, “Grupo Veramatic is more than ready for the responsible gambling scenario that is already a reality”.

In the words of Javier Vidal, IT director of Grupo Veramatic: “We have been working hard to reinforce the access controls of our more than 180 points of sale so that, as in the past, the risk of an interdicted user or a minor being able to participate in gambling activities is minimized, while the single national registry of prohibited persons, as we have been requesting for a long time, becomes effective”.

In this regard, “the incorporation of dasGate in our gaming rooms allows us to anticipate this situation, so that we can lead this scenario of responsible gaming without depending on third parties and bringing an additional dose of responsibility to private gaming”. He also gives us the following key points in relation to the offline face-reading solution for access control:

What was the reason you contracted the dasGate service?

Our responsibility as a major player in this paradigm is to respond to the operational, administrative and social needs related to safe gaming. With dasGate, we cover all three sides of the triangle.

It will allow us to reduce to 0 the possibility that a person who is not suitable for gambling activities can develop them in any of their forms, so that we can offer full protection in this regard.

What benefits do you expect from using dasGate?

Above all, it will facilitate the access control process, which, although it will require getting used to it at first, as is the case with all new developments, once implemented it will enable a much more comfortable and secure entrance for the customer and, in turn, will provide us with a better use of the assets available in the premises.

What do you think of the offline solution for accessing your salons?

The first real validations of the tool in the JOKERBET salons themselves have been a complete success. Facial identification with and without mask, important in these times, and temperature detection work with total precision, in addition to the versatility provided by the facial identity verification itself.

What would you highlight about dasGate's service and solution?

The solution, of Spanish manufacture and pioneer in its field, is what we were looking for in response to the demand of all the parties involved and as a boost to our own initiative to lead this new scenario. The service has resulted in a correct implementation, on time and with a great ease of understanding between two companies that have a clear understanding of how to do things well.

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