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> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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The access control solution developed by dasGate facilitates a safe and responsible environment for the gambling industry

The tightening of regional regulations on the regulation of the gaming sector has forced companies in the industry to adopt measures to increase access control and security at their facilities.

dasGate has developed a robust access control solution using its facial biometrics and identity verification technology, 100% manufactured in Navarra, to help companies in the sector to comply with regulations.

dasGate’s solution aims to guarantee a safe and responsible gaming environment. They are approved by the Autonomous Communities by current European regulations, allowing players to access gaming halls in less than a second with their facial biometrics and providing the gaming hall operator with peace of mind in possible sanctions.

Furthermore, the system proposed by dasGate is based on two main pillars:

  • Secure and fast registration of the new player by detecting false identity documents, impersonation attempts, registrations of underage and voluntarily registered players in the Gambling Prohibition Register.
  • Secure and fast access to registered players with the use of their identity document and biometrics to ensure that the person accessing is the holder of the document. A check is also made at this time to ensure that the player is not on the banned list..

We interviewed Carlos Odériz, dasGate’s Business Unit Director, to tell us in detail the benefits for gambling companies to incorporate dasGate’s biometric solution in their halls.

Does dasGate prevent a minor from registering with the identity card of their older sibling?

Yes, dasGate registration consists of capturing an ID card, passport or residence permit, and a selfie-and proof of life.

We compare the selfie with the photo on the ID card to check if the person registering is the document holder. We ask for proof of life as a technique to detect impersonation using printed photos, screens or masks.

This technology guarantees access to the lounge for adults only. The use of biometrics is essential to achieve this result; most solutions on the market do not use biometric matching and therefore cannot prevent the registration of the minor.

Does dasGate detect if an ID card has been manipulated to make the child 18 years old?

Yes, dasGate validates the ID document using artificial intelligence techniques. It detects if the photo on the document is an impersonation or if the document is a fake. Therefore, the child cannot change the date of birth on his or her document without us knowing about it. We have already used this technology more than 50 million times with customers worldwide. It is critical from our point of view to fully validate the document as most solutions on the market only scan the document with a simple reading of the MRZ of the document and do not check for data manipulation (i.e. date of birth).

What other benefits does registration bring?

Our solution offers the possibility for users to register remotely (on their mobile, tablet or computer) before arriving at the venue; registering a new player can be an awkward moment for some people, so registering before arriving at the hall can be an advantage. In addition, registration takes less than half a minute and can be done by the player himself, so that several registrations can be done simultaneously. When registering, dasGate checks if the user is of legal age and if he/she is registered in the Voluntary Gambling Prohibition Register.

Does daGate guarantee that a person does not log in under the identity of a registered player?

Yes, when accessing the lounge, the user is asked to present his or her ID and face. dasGate checks that the face belongs to the ID holder by comparing the access selfie with the registration selfie.
If fingerprint or facial biometrics are not used, the identity of the accessing player is not guaranteed and therefore there is a very high risk of the lounge being sanctioned.

Does dasGate's biometric access comply with the GDPR?

Yes, our facial readers do not store photos; only irreversible biometric vectors and therefore, no personal information is stored.
As far as we know from other solutions that use facial biometrics, most facial readers/terminals do store photos, so the theft or loss of equipment can put the client at risk with fines that can be enormous. At dasGate, we are concerned about compliance with regulations; we collaborate with Spanish and European administrations explaining the capabilities of current technologies so that user data is protected. We have the National Security Scheme certificate, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and iBeta ISO 30107 anti-fraud certification.

What are the advantages of dasGate biometric access?

We have developed a solution for gambling halls with one of the largest operators in the sector, Veramatic, and thanks to this company we have foreseen all the casuistry that occurs on a daily basis to combine security for the hall and comfort for the player. For example, after the first access of the day, the player can comfortably enter with just their face the rest of the time, which improves the user experience, not just compliance with regulations. We can also connect to video surveillance cameras, detecting intruders and being able to monitor capacity. And of course, our face readers can be attached to any door or turnstile; we can supply this equipment as well.

Any market references?

Veramatic / Jokerbet. Major international operators are deploying pilots to test our solution with great results. It is very important to note that dasGate, together with its group company Veridas, leads the identity verification service in the online channel with clients such as Codere, Kirolbet, Sportium, Casino Barcelona or Casino de Madrid. This experience is very important for our access control solution to the lounges.

Is there any benefit for operators reading this article?

We may apply a special promotion if you call us saying you have read this interview.

Article published in  Sector del Juego

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