Osasuna and dasGate to implement the first biometric access system in LaLiga

Against Deportivo Alavés, a turnstile will be implemented that will allow members to access El Sadar through facial recognition.

Club Atlético Osasuna will be next Sunday, against Deportivo Alavés, the first club in LaLiga to allow access to its stadium through facial recognition. The deployment of this pioneering technology in Spanish soccer will be carried out by the Navarrese company dasGate, which recently joined the club as an official sponsor. This new access system, which is voluntary, joins the other ways of accessing El Sadar, which will continue to be fully operational, as well as the transfer of the season ticket, which can continue to be carried out as before.

This is a strategic alliance that will allow Osasuna to advance in its digitalization process of El Sadar, implementing a system that will facilitate a faster, more comfortable and secure access.

Against Deportivo Alavés, and following the protocol established by La Liga, a first turnstile with biometric access will be enabled at gate 7 of the stadium. Once the success of the implementation has been proven, this technology will be gradually extended to the rest of the stadium gates, but always as a voluntary option for club members, never mandatory.

The plan envisages a phased development so that at all the gates of El Sadar stadium there will be at least one turnstile that allows access through facial recognition. In this way, it will be the fan who chooses how he/she wants to enter the stadium, always having the option of using the physical ID card, the digital season ticket on his/her cell phone or biometric access.

dasGate is an access system that will allow C. A. Osasuna members who wish to access the stadium quickly, comfortably and securely, without the need to carry a physical season ticket. Once the member has registered, the system will recognize his or her face, automatically opening the turnstile in a process that takes less than a second. Like the VIA-T accesses on the highways, dasGate’s system will generate a very fast entry option, while maintaining the rest of the access modes that have been used up to now, so that the member can choose how he/she wants to access the stadium.

User registration can be completed in a very simple way through the cell phone by following the steps indicated by the system and taking a picture of both the membership card and the ID card. Initially, only members accessing through door 7 will receive the link to register, and then all members of the organization will be able to register if they wish. Once the registration process is completed, the system will recognize the member for all the matches of the season without the need to repeat the process. In addition, if the member wishes to transfer his season ticket, he can continue to do so as before, transferring his membership card and accessing the turnstiles in the traditional way.

With this step, Osasuna, together with dasGate, places itself at the technological forefront in terms of access to stadiums, allowing its members to choose between different forms of entry and significantly reducing waiting times and queues outside El Sadar.

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