A 3-step

Providing confidence
in the digital age

Verify the identity of your visitors, employees and users of your facilities in less than 1 minute with maximum security and the best UX while complying with all current regulations.

1. Identity document verification

with global coverage

2. Take a selfie

To perform a safe identity verification process is necessary to ensure that the person behind the screen is who they say they are and is real.

Advanced Liveness Detection

Our advanced liveness detection allows us to find the perfect balance between security and user experience

qr biométrico

3. Your credential access

secure, private and non-transferable

After registration, the user receives a biometric access credential to access; with his face or with his face and a Biometric QR (patented).

All data at a glance

Our web portal allows you to easily analyse and manage all your registration results and data

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