Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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Agrupación Deportiva San Juan; improving the access experience for more than 10,000 members

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Client: Agrupacion Deportiva San Juan

Agrupación Deportiva San Juan is a sports club with 50 years of history and more than 10,000 members.

  • Industry: Sports Clubs
  • Size: more than 10 thousand members
  • Location: Pamplona, Navarra

The Agrupación Deportiva San Juan, one of the leading sports clubs in Navarra, has reinvented and digitalised itself by integrating dasGate terminals in the two access points to its facilities.

This innovative access system prevents non-members from entering the sports club’s facilities and offers a better, faster and more convenient access experience for its more than 10,000 members.

The challenge: to improve the access experience in the ADSJ

Conventional access systems such as the membership card, QR or fingerprint have several drawbacks associated with them that impact the security and convenience of both members and the sports clubs themselves.

In the case of the Agrupación Deportiva San Juan, access to its facilities was through the member’s fingerprint or a card with a bar code.

Apart from being lost, inaccurate and inconvenient, these accreditations allow a large number of non-members to enter the Association.

"With the same barcode, up to four people could gain access, and in the summer, it was common to find more than 150 non-members a day"."In addition, the turnstile is opened even with a photo of the membership card. The Agrupación was a great sieve of people".

Javier Moso, Manager of Agrupación Deportiva San Juan

For these reasons, the Agrupación Deportiva San Juan has identified the need to offer its members greater comfort and to increase the security of access to its headquarters.

The solution: dasGate's access system

dasGate has developed a biometric access system that improves the member experience and increases the security of Agrupación Deportiva San Juan.

The system allows more than 10,000 members to access the sports club in less than 1 second without queuing and eliminating the possibility of credentials being transferred or lost.

Members have to give their consent to the entity, and they will be able to enter quickly and comfortably with their faces.

Acceso de los socios  a la Agrupación Deportiva San Juan

The Agrupación achieves:

  • To offer its members an access system of maximum comfort, security and speed
  • Avoid the possibility of losing or forgetting the access credential
  • Optimal access for children and the elderly
  • Access flows of up to 30 members per minute, avoiding queueing
  • Reducing the risk of COVID infection
  • Modernising and digitising its facilities
  • Contribute to reducing the use of materials such as plastic
  • Preventing access by non-members

The result: greater security and convenience for all members

From February 2021, Agrupación Deportiva San Juan will allow more than 8,000 members to access its facilities with their faces; faster, more convenient and contact-free.

This new form of access results in a flow of more than 30 members per minute and provides a solution to the challenges faced by the organisation in the past: a cumbersome access system for its members and low security.

Thanks to dasGate, the members of Agrupación Deportiva San Juan access in less than 1 second, without queuing and without presenting their QR or ID card.

"It works very well; it's a fast and reliable system that solves the problem of people sneaking in. We are delighted with it"

Javier Moso, Manager of Agrupación Deportiva San Juan

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