Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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Bildu Lan; comfort and security for its employees

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Client: Bildu Lan

Bildu Lan is a mechanical engineering and electrical engineering company that manufactures industrial machines and performs industrial maintenance.

Founded in 1973, it has established itself as a company with outstanding practical experience, powerful and at the forefront of its field.

  • Industry: Engineering
  • Size: +50 employees
  • Location: Navarra

Bildu Lan has chosen dasGate’s employee management solution to offer its employees greater convenience and an improved access experience.

dasGate’s system allows employees to access the company with their face; in less than 1 second and without carrying an access badge. In addition, it facilitates the control of their working day and improves the security of the premises.

The challenge: improving access control and employee convenience

Conventional access systems, such as cards or keys, have associated disadvantages that impact the comfort and security of employees and companies.

In the case of Bildu Lan, its employees accessed their workstations with a tag, which obliged them to carry it at all times and made it challenging to keep strict control of access to the company’s facilities.


Moreover, the law obliges companies to control accesses, and for all these reasons, Bildu Lan was looking for a system that would offer its employees more convenience and improve its access control system.

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The solution: the dasGate employee management system

dasGate has developed an employee management solution that improves Bildu Lan employees’ access experience and optimises the access control and security of the facilities.

Access with face

The system enables more than 50 employees to access their workplaces quickly and conveniently with their faces through a biometric terminal installed at the door that recognises them and allows them to pass through.

With the incorporation of dasGate, Bildu Lan improves the control and experience of its accesses and, in addition, it obtains the certainty that only its employees have access.

"For us, it is a breakthrough. We needed security and control, and dasGate integrates both. It's a security plus because you know that no one will leave the tag with someone else, and no one is going to break into the premises.”

Irune Mayayo, Head of HR in Bildu Lan

Time and attendance control

This solution also provides a web-based management and analysis portal synchronised with the access terminal.

The system records employees’ clock-in and clock-out times via the terminal. It has comprehensive dashboards and reports that allow all information to be analysed and managed at a glance.

"We've had different ways of controlling transfers, but this system improves on the programmes we had”

Irune Mayayo, Head of HR in Bildu Lan

Irune Mayayo accesses with her face to Bildu Lan’s facilities

The result: efficient access control and more comfort for your employees

Since September 2021, Bildu Lan has improved the access experience of its more than 50 employees, who access and sign in with their faces in a faster and more comfortable way.

The system also allows the company to comply with its obligation to control access to its premises and increases its security, as no one can sneak in. 

"Nobody is going to cheat you. It's more convenient because you can't lose your access credentials"

"It works very well, it's a very comfortable system, and in terms of image, it's a plus."

Paco Irujo, General Manager in Bildu Lan

Thanks to the trust placed in dasGate, Bildu Lan succeeds:

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