Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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C.A. Osasuna, facial recognition for work time registration

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Client: Club Atlético Osasuna

Club Atlético Osasuna is the first football team in Pamplona and the most important in Navarra. Founded in 1920, it competes in LaLiga Santander, the top national competition.

To improve the signing and access system of its employees, C.A Osasuna has chosen dasGate’s identity and access management platform. 


This system allows the Club to comply with the regulations regarding the clocking-in of its employees` working hours, increase the security of its facilities and offer an improved user experience. How does it do this? By allowing C.A Osasuna employees to clocking in and accessing with their face. 

Benefits for the company

Benefits for the employee

The challenge: comply with the regulations on clocking in at work

Time clocking is necessary to comply with regulations and avoid possible fines. Since May 2019, the law obliges companies to control their employees’ access and exit time, so it is essential to choose a convenient and simple system for everyone

C. A Osasuna employees used to sign in using their fingerprints. Following the pandemic, the Club eliminated this system and began manually performing this process. 

To facilitate clocking in during working hours, dasGate has developed a facial recognition access and clocking in system that leaves behind manual clocking in, avoiding the stress that this process can cause. 

The solution: the best system for clocking in and accessing the company

dasGate’s time and attendance system improves employee experience and access control optimizes facility security and time and attendance. 

How does the system work?

Registration in less than 1 second

Convenient and fast access and clocking in

The result: efficient clocking control and greater convenience for employees

Since April 2022, C.A Osasuna has facial recognition access and clocking-in system for working hours that allows it to comply with regulations conveniently and improve the access and clocking-in experience for its more than 90 employees. 

"We decided to use dasGate's clocking system because of its ease, control, and speed of registration and because it allows us to visualize and control the schedule of all users. It is a tool that suits all our needs very well".

Mikel Vivanco Zuazu - Operations Manager at CA Osasuna
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