Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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C.A. Osasuna, first LaLiga club to allow its members access through facial recognition

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Client: C. A Osasuna

C.A Osasuna is the football team of Pamplona and the most important in Navarra. Founded in 1920, it has a centennial history, being the 14th best team in Spain according to its historical track record.

  • Industry: Football
  • Members: 20.124 
  • Location: Pamplona, Spain

C. A Osasuna is the football team of Pamplona and the most important in Navarra. Founded in 1920, it has a centennial history, being the 14th best team in Spain according to its historical track record. Currently, Osasuna competes in LaLiga Santander, the highest national competition. After the promotion achieved in 2019, the entity has chained three permanences in the highest category. In 2021, the renovation of El Sadar, which would be awarded as the best stadium in the world of those built and renovated during that year by the reference website Stadium Database, was launched. The impulse of a new stadium with greater seating capacity and amenities also led to a growth in the club’s social mass, reaching a record 21,000 members.


Benefits for the club

Benefits for the members

C.A. Osasuna, first club to allow access to its stadium by facial recognition

Club Atlético Osasuna, with the help of dasGate, is the first LaLiga club to allow access to its stadium through facial recognition.

Osasuna launched the biometric facial access to its stadium last April 10 in the match against Alavés. It was done at gate 7 of El Sadar and the result was a success. On the following home match against Real Madrid, the accesses were enabled at 8 gates (03, 07, 08, 10, 11, 16, 21, 27).

The plan has been developed in phases so that at all the gates of the El Sadar stadium there would be at least one facial recognition access turnstile. In this way, the fan is the one who has chosen how to enter the stadium, always having the option of using the physical membership pass, the digital season ticket on their cell phone or biometric access.

This innovative access system, which helps Osasuna to advance in its digitalization process of El Sadar, prevents non-members from accessing the stadium and also offers a better access experience to its members, faster, more comfortable and safer.

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The challenge: increasing security at El Sadar and improving the access experience for members

C.A Osasuna members access El Sadar through their physical or digital membership pass. However, this system is inconvenient as it forces them to carry their credentials with them at all times. Access by physical credential usually requires the assistance of Club staff, causing queues to form at the turnstiles and slowing down the entrance to the stadium.

Rigorous access control is one of the Club’s pillars to increase security at El Sadar every match. However, the current access system makes it difficult to authenticate, with the utmost confidence, whether the people entering are really the season ticket holders and that they are entitled to do so.

For this reason, C. A. Osasuna is facing the opportunity to improve the access experience of its members and to continue advancing in the digital transformation of El Sadar.

The solution: an access management and identity verification platform

dasGate is an identity verification and access management platform that allows C. A. Osasuna members to access the stadium quickly, comfortably and securely, without the need to carry a physical membership pass.

To achieve this, members have enrolled in the system in a very simple way through their cell phone by following the steps provided: taking a selfie, a photo of their physical membership pass and their ID card.

Once the enrollment process has been completed, the system will recognize the member for all the matches of the season without the need to repeat the process. In addition, if the member wishes to transfer his season ticket, he can continue to do so as before, transferring his card and accessing the turnstiles in the traditional way.

dasGate’s performance is capable of providing access to 20 people per minute. An unprecedented number and performance. A speed of access that generates an exceptional user experience, without waiting and avoiding queues, and provides the security of the Club and LaLiga with full trust that the people accessing are really the membership pass holders.

The installation of dasGate is very simple. The company offers full integration with LaLiga’s access control system (AVET) and connects to any type of turnstile.

In addition, the platform provides a web portal that allows the management and analysis of all accesses that take place in El Sadar through monitoring dashboards:

The result: enhanced security and the best access experience for members.

For C.A Osasuna, the dasGate platform has improved the access experience for its members: faster due to the reduction of queues, and more comfortable as they are not obliged to carry their physical or digital membership pass.

dasGate’s result is a 5-fold increase in the number of people entering through the facial recognition turnstiles compared to conventional turnstiles. The rate of entry through the gates enabled with the terminals is 20 people per minute, an unprecedented figure in the access flow of fans accessing a stadium.

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