Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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Almeria Swimming Club; more than 2.500 members enjoy the best access experience

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Client: Club Natación Almería

Club Natación Almería was founded on June 10, 1982, as a private non-profit sports association. Currently, it is the sports club with the most facilities in Almería.

  • Industry: Sports Club
  • Size: + 4,000 members
  • Location: Almeria, Spain

dasGate and Resasports have integrated to simplify and optimize the management and access of Almeria Swimming Club.

The integration of dasGate platform and Resasports software has been implemented by Nubapp and has been a success.

This innovative access system makes it easier for Almeria Swimming Club to advance in its digitalization process, prevents non-members from accessing its facilities, and, in addition, offers a better access experience to its members, faster, more comfortable, and safer.

Benefits for the entity

Benefits for the members

The challenge: Improve the access experience and prevent non-members from gaining entry

Almeria Swimming Club has reinvented itself technologically with dasGate’s identity and access management platform, installing two biometric access terminals in the turnstile at the entrance to its facilities.


dasGate optimizes the security of the club’s facilities and offers a much more agile and comfortable access experience to its members, as they do not have to worry about carrying their cards to enter.

The solution: dasGate's identity and access management platform

dasGate has developed a facial biometric access platform that allows people to enter facilities with only their face; in a more comfortable, fast, and secure way.


The platform optimizes the management of members of the Almeria Swimming Club, as it has seamlessly integrated with Resasports, software the club uses.


This biometric access system eliminates the transfer and loss of physical access credentials, such as cards or keys. In addition, dasGate’s solution makes it possible to identify non-members and deny them access to the facilities, increasing the club’s security level.

The result: increased safety and convenience for all members

Since January 2022, Almeria Swimming Club,  has improved the access experience for more than 2,500 members, who now have faster and more comfortable access with their faces.


In addition, the club has managed to increase the security of its facilities, knowing at all times how many and who the people using its facilities are.

Thanks to the trust placed in dasGate, Almeria Swimming Club achieves:

  • An increase in the security of your facilities, since only those who have the right to access them can do so
  • Modernize and digitize access to your facilities and their internal management
  • Save costs in porter’s lodge and management
  • Facilitate access for people with disabilities, children, and the elderly

We like the system very much; it is efficient in the recognition and fast in the opening of the turnstile, so it has succeeded in its installation to avoid fraud at the entrance to the club.

Luis Carretero, Manager of the Almeria Swimming Club

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