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> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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Club Nazaret: more than 9,000 accesses with facial biometrics in the last month

Table of Contents

Client: Club Nazaret
  • Client: Club Nazaret
  • Industry: Sport facility
  • Size: + 3,000 members
  • Location: Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucía, Spain.

Club Nazaret, a sports club of reference in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), has opted for the digitalization of its accesses by implementing dasGate’s facial recognition system at its main entrance.


This system can offer a more comfortable and faster access experience for members who want to use it, who can enter the club with just their face, without carrying their ID card or mobile phone. 

+2.200 registered members in 3 months

+9.000 accesses per month

+40 accesses per minute and per winch

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The challenge: Advancing digitization and offering a better experience for members

Club Nazaret found that its previous access system did not provide all the security it needed and was inconvenient for many members. 

Until now, members of the Cadiz club could enter via a QR code or a membership card. However, these access credentials can be lost or forgotten and are challenging for the elderly or people with disabilities. Moreover, they are effortless to give away, and anyone can gain access without being a member. 

Faced with this situation, Club Nazaret has decided to go for a new access management system, which provides greater convenience to its members and security to its facilities.

"We have to adapt to these new times and move forward. I wouldn't say I like it when people say that if things used to be done in a certain way, they always have to be done that way. We have to move forward technologically with what society is asking for"

Manuel Saborido, DPTOS Director. Auxiliary Services of the Nazareth Club

The solution: A facial recognition access management system

dasGate has developed a solution for sports facilities that allows access to spaces simply with the face, without the need to carry physical credentials.

In its search for a new access system and after learning about the positive experience of other sports clubs in Spain, Club Nazaret decided to use this facial biometric access solution. 

After taking the decision, in a month and a half, the system has been perfectly integrated with the club’s management software, GPASport, and three facial recognition terminals are already installed in its entrance turnstiles.

One-click registration process

For club members to use the system for the first time, they have to give their consent to the club via a link sent to them by email. They will then be able to use the facial recognition access instantly. 

They approach the terminal at the turnstile, which will open automatically after recognizing the person. 

Member accesses Nazaret’s

facilities by facial recognition

Result: Digital Transformation and the best access experience for members

Club Nazaret has relied on dasGate since the end of September 2022. This has enabled it to offer its more than 3,000 members an exceptional access experience. It has also been able to:

In this way, the Cadiz club joins the more than 40 sports entities throughout Spain that offer this type of access, becoming a benchmark of innovation and digitization among sports entities in Andalusia.

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