Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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Club Tenis Pamplona; Its more than 17,000 members have more accessible and more convenient access to the club

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Client: Club Tenis Pamplona

The Pamplona Tennis Club is a recreational, sporting and social entity founded in 1918.

  • Industry: Sports club
  • Size: + 17.000 members
  • Location: Pamplona, Navarra

The Pamplona Tenis Club is committed to digital transformation. It has modernised access to its facilities by integrating our facial recognition access and exit system in its two entrance doors and gymnasium.

This access system allows its more than 17,000 members to access the Club more quickly and comfortably, as they only need a face to enter and leave the Club.

The challenge: improving the access experience for partners

Members of the Pamplona Tennis Club could access their facilities using their fingerprint, membership card or a QR code on the sports club’s app.

However, these accreditations impact the comfort and safety of both members and the Club.

For Club Tenis Pamplona, its members’ good relationship and trust is its fundamental pillar.

For this reason, the Club is facing the opportunity to improve its members’ access experience and continue advancing in the digital transformation of its facilities, betting on a different access system; digital, more comfortable and more secure.

The solution: dasGate's access system

dasGate has developed facial biometric access and exit system that allows people to enter and exit facilities with their face only, conveniently, quickly and securely.

For members of the Pamplona Tennis Club to access this system, all they have to do is give their consent to the Club, which will straightforwardly register them based on their membership card photo.

After registration, members approach the face reader at the turnstiles or gates and open in less than 1 second after recognising the person.

The system can be easily integrated into any door or turnstile, facilitating installation at different access points.

Terminal installed at the exit door of CTP
Terminal installed in the CTP gymnasium turnstile

The result: digital transformation and the best access experience for partners

For Club Tenis Pamplona, members come first. This facial recognition system has allowed them to improve their access experience, which is now faster, as it reduces queuing and is more convenient as they no longer need their membership card or QR code.

Thanks to the Club’s excellent communication work with its members and the facilities for them to register, the system has been very well received. It is already used by 45% of the members in less than two months, making it the most used access option.

The Club Tenis Pamplona achieves:

  • Offer your members an access system of maximum comfort and security
  • Avoiding the possibility of losing, forgetting or giving away the access credentials
  • A better access experience for people with disabilities, children and seniors
  • Modernise and digitise your facilities

''We have the reliability that the person who enters is a member, and it also brings a lot of conveniences. 'This system is much better and helps to meet our digital transformation and convenience goal. People are delighted"

Juan Pérez, Director Manager of Club Tenis Pamplona
Entrance of Club Tenis Pamplona

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