Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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Club Tennis Sabadell bets on digital transformation for its access systems

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Client: Club Tennis Sabadell

The Club Tennis Sabadell is a non-profit sports association founded in 1929 by business people of the time who wanted to import the sport of tennis.

Club Tennis Sabadell, located in Barcelona, has reinvented itself technologically thanks to dasGate’s identity and access management platform, installing 7 biometric access terminals, 3 indoors and 4 outdoors. 


This innovative access system takes the Club Tennis Sabadell to give a twist in its facilities, advancing its digitization process, preventing non-members’ access to its facilities, and also offering a better access experience to its members; is it faster, more comfortable, and safer.

Benefits for the entity

Benefits for members

The challenge: improve member access experience and enhance club security

Club members have access to its facilities through their membership cards. However, this system is inconvenient, as it requires them to carry their badge at all times. Access through physical badges often leads to queues and slows down the entrance to the Club.

Rigorous access control is essential for the Club to increase its security. However, the current access system makes it difficult to authenticate, with the utmost confidence, whether the people entering are cardholders and whether they are entitled to do so.

For this reason, Club Tennis Sabadell has the opportunity to improve the access experience of its members and to continue advancing in the digital transformation of its facilities, betting on the dasGate access system, a digital platform, more comfortable for all its members and more secure.

The solution: dasGate's identity and access management platform

dasGate is a platform for identity verification and access management that allows members of the Sabadell Tennis Club to access only with their face, quickly, comfortably, and securely, without the need to carry a physical ID card.

This biometric access system eliminates the transfer and loss of physical credentials, identifying non-members and blocking their access. In addition, dasGate’s solution allows controlling the capacity and entry traceability of its subscribers, increasing the facilities’ security level without affecting the users’ comfort.

dasGate’s performance is capable of providing access to 20 people per minute. An unprecedented number and performance. A speed of access that generates an exceptional user experience without waiting and avoiding queues and provides the security of the Club with full confidence that the people accessing are the ones responsible for the card.

The result: efficient clocking control and greater convenience for your employees

Since May 2022, El Club Tennis Sabadell has improved the access experience for more than 700 members, who now enjoy an access experience to its facilities: faster due to the reduction of queues, and more comfortable as they are not obliged to carry their membership card with them.


In addition, the club has managed to increase the security of its facilities, knowing how many people are using them.

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