Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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Veramatic Group; a safe and responsible gaming environment

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Client: Grupo Veramatic

The Veramatic Group is a Spanish group of companies specialising in the operation of gaming halls and gaming and gambling machines in hospitality establishments.

It is currently a benchmark for quality and reliability in the market.

  • Industry: Gaming
  • Size: 500-1000 employees
  • Location: Spain Spain


The Veramatic Group, a leading company in the gaming sector, is under pressure to comply with gaming regulations and provide a safe and responsible gaming environment for all its users.

To this end, it has joined forces with dasGate and its identity management platform to strengthen access controls in 23 of its gaming halls, minimising the risk of a forbidden user or a minor being able to participate in gaming activities.

The challenge: complying with gambling regulation

The tightening of regional regulations on the regulation of the gaming sector is forcing companies in the industry to adopt measures to increase control of access and security at their facilities.

Current situation

  • Compliance with the legislation is mandatory for all companies in the sector and non-compliance can result in heavy penalties.
  • Access barriers to gambling halls provide a very weak level of security allowing easy access to underage and persons not trained for responsible gambling.
  • The registration of players by employees may lead to access by players with false identity documents and identity theft.
  • In many cases, the salon manager only does registration work, with no possibility of generating new income.

For these reasons, Grupo Veramatic seeks to comply with gambling regulations and increase the security layer of its gaming halls to prevent access by minors and unsuitable persons.

The solution: dasGate's identity management and access control platform

dasGate has developed a robust, agile and intuitive solution for player registration and access, which has an access solution, approved by the Autonomous Regions, which has improved the overall experience of its users while helping experience for its users while helping Grupo Veramatic to comply with gambling regulations

How does it work?

The new player registers in the system by scanning their identity card and taking a selfie.

During the process, the authenticity of the identity document and that the person is the holder of the document, using a selfie-and a proof of life, where the user is asked to smile.

The player approaches a biometric terminal located at the entrance door of the salon which recognises the player’s face and reads their ID card.
In less than 1 second, it verifies whether the person can pass.
If the player who has entered exits the hall without his
ID card, he will be able to enter with his face only.

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The result: a responsible gambling environment that complies with the regulation

Veramatic Group securely registers and gives access to more than 1000 players to its gaming rooms every day.

Access to the lounge with dasGate results in a flow of more than 30 players per minute and reduces to 0 the possibility of an ineligible person engaging in gambling activities. It enables a much more comfortable, safe and secure access for the player.

The 23 halls in which dasGate operates are already benchmarks for a responsible gaming environment.

"The incorporation of dasGate in our gaming rooms allows us to anticipate that an interdicted or underage participate in gambling activities so that we can lead the way in this responsible gambling scenario"

Javier Vidal, IT Director of Grupo Veramatic

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