Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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Recreativos Jubelmar has changed the access management system of its gaming hall by installing dasGate’s solution

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Client: Recreativos Jubelmar

Client: Recreativos Jubelmar

Industry: Gambling

Size: 4 gambling halls

Location: Ciudad Real, Castilla La Mancha, Spain

Recreativos Jubelmar, a distributor of gaming machines in Castilla La Mancha, is faced with the need to increase security and access controls to its gaming halls to comply with the regulations relating to the sector.

To achieve this, it has installed dasGate’s facial biometrics platform in all four gambling halls to reinforce security controls, minimize the risk of underage and prohibited gamblers, and provide customers with an exceptional access experience.


The challenge: complying with gambling regulation

More and more Autonomous Communities of Spain are passing regulations restricting access to gaming halls, casinos, and bingos for players voluntarily registered in the General Register of Gambling Interdictions and minors. For this reason, operators and staff of gambling halls have to invest in security and access control systems for their facilities.
But it is not only necessary to control players’ access; it is also essential to make sure that the documentation they present, identity card, passport, or driving license, is valid, authentic, and belongs to them.
In this situation, Recreativos Jubelmar has the opportunity to cover all these needs by installing dasGate’s facial recognition access system in its rooms.

The solution: a streamlined, intuitive access management system

dasGate has become the leading company in the sector with an access management system operational in arcades all over Spain. But how does it meet all the needs of the operators?
The company has developed a robust identity verification and access management solution with facial recognition approved by Spain’ Autonomous Communities. With a software and hardware platform of its manufacture, it allows compliance with current regulations, preventing underage gambling of those on banned lists and controlling access in an unassisted manner, always offering the best user experience.
First, the new player registers in the system by scanning their ID and taking a selfie. This process, which takes less than 1 minute, can be done either in the salon or anywhere using a mobile device.

During the process, the integrity of the identity document is verified, that the person is the holder of this document and that they are of legal age.

After registration, the player presents himself at the lounge and access in through facial recognition, providing a very comfortable and agile user experience.

At the same time, the system connects with the database of the Autonomous Community to check whether the player is registered in the General Register of Gambling Access Prohibitions.
In addition, the system’s installation in the Jubelmar halls has been completed with a camera for intrusion detection and an audible and light beacon, thus improving the overall security control and allowing the hall staff to spend their time improving the service to the players.

"We initially tested a fingerprint control system, but when we discovered the facial recognition solution, we liked it and decided to try it simultaneously. There is no comparison. It's a much more agile system and has never given us problems. It works very well.”

Antonio Almarcha, Manager at Recreativos Jubelmar

The result: improved safety and comfort in the gambling halls

From August 2022, Recreativos Jubelmar’s gaming halls, in addition to complying with gaming regulations, will achieve the following:
In this way, the four gaming halls where Jubelmar operates with dasGate are already benchmarks for a responsible gaming environment. The system will soon be installed in another of its gaming halls.

"The guys in the lounge are delighted with the system. The registration is very agile, there have been no incidents, and the customers like using it".

Antonio Almarcha, gerente en Recreativos Jubelmar

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