Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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Oberena offers its members a faster and more convenient access experience with facial biometrics

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Client: Oberena

Oberena is a sports club in Pamplona founded in 1940 with more than 35,000 m² of swimming pools, tennis courts, paddle tennis, a cafeteria, and much more. The club’s services include 16 sports and cultural sections. Discover how over 5000 members already enjoy a comfortable and secure access system to its facilities.

  • Industry: Sports Club
  • Size: + 5.000 members
  • Location: Pamplona, Navarra

Oberena, seeking to improve its members’ experience and optimize its management processes, has opted for a system that covers both needs and is also 100% manufactured in Spain; dasGate.

This innovative access management system, which is already installed at the entrance, gym, sauna, and indoor pool of the Sports Club, prevents access by non-members or those who are not entitled to do so. It also offers a much more convenient and faster entry experience.

+2.500 registered members in 3 months

+25,100 accesses per month

+40 accesses per minute per door

The challenge: Facilitating access for members

It is essential for a sports club to keep its members satisfied and to have good control of access to its facilities.

To date, Oberena members access the sports facilities with their membership cards. However, this system can be uncomfortable because they have to carry it with them at all times. It can be challenging to use for people with disabilities, children, and the elderly.

"Until now, we worked with the ID card to control access, which was quite cumbersome. Members lose it; they don't know where it is in their bag. There were a lot of blockages at the entrance."

Joaquín Echenique, Manager at Oberena

How can we improve access control without compromising the member experience?

Well, thanks to facial biometrics, these needs are covered, and, in addition, it is an improvement as a card does not guarantee that it is the member who is accessing it.

The solution: a facial biometric access system

The dasGate system optimizes the management of all the facilities access, saving on porterage costs and increasing the security of the Club. At the same time, it offers greater convenience to its members.

Why? Because they can comfortably enter with their face in less than 1 second and without queuing at the access points.

"It's very convenient because I forget about the membership card. When I arrive with my bike, I don't have to look for it in my backpack. It's a blast".

Eva, Oberena member

One-click registration process

The registration process could not be simpler. To use the system, members only have to consent to the Club, which will take care of registering them. After this process, they can access the system without a membership card.

"I received an email from Oberena, with a link to give consent. I clicked on the link and I was already registered".

Iban, Oberena member

The result: more than 2,500 members have voluntarily registered in less than 3 months

"It has been much more comfortable, easier for the member. I see that they are delighted. In fact, in the three months, we have been using the system, more than half of the Club's members have already registered".

Joaquín Echenique, Manager at Oberena

"It is super comfortable both in the main entrance and in the access to the internal areas, such as the gym or the swimming pool. You don't have to carry anything. I highly recommend it here".

Oberena members
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