Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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Repsol revolutionizes the reception and access of visitors to its corporate headquarters thanks to dasGate

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Client: Repsol

Repsol is a Spanish multinational energy and petrochemical company headquartered in Madrid and founded in October 1987.

  • Industry: Energy and petrochemicals.
  • Size:
    Present in more than 100 countries.
    More than 24,000 employees worldwide.
  • Location: Spain.

Repsol has opted to improve and digitize the process of receiving visitors to its headquarters in Madrid, integrating dasGate’s access management and identity verification platform.

This platform provides the company with a digitized and unassisted reception process, with real-time control of all visitors in each corporate building. The platform allows visitors to register and verify their identity remotely to access their facilities through facial recognition terminals without carrying physical credentials.

The challenge: revolutionizing the visitor reception process

One of Repsol’s main challenges when managing its visits is the time invested in the reception and registration of attendees who come to its headquarters. Carrying out this process manually is a significant investment in time and resources for the company and harms the user experience.

Until now, the organizer of the visit sent an e-mail invitation to the attendee and on the day of the meeting, he/she was registered and identified at the reception desk.

Registration took about 8 minutes, as it involved requesting and scanning identity documents, notifying the organizer, and handing out a physical badge to each visitor. As it was a manual procedure, the access process became a bottleneck that generated unwanted waits and crowds, taking up too much of the work time of the reception staff and the organizer.

For this reason, Repsol sought to automate the process to enhance the user experience and improve efficiency in managing their visits.

The solution: A digitized and unattended receiving process

With the incorporation of dasGate’s identity verification and access management platform, Repsol exponentially improves the reception of its visitors, making it an unassisted, agile and centralized process. dasGate provides greater security to Repsol by verifying the identity of visitors and providing total assurance that the people accessing are who they say they are and have the relevant authorization from the company.

In addition, the system allows all visitors to check in and access the Repsol headquarters quickly and comfortably with their faces through biometric terminals installed at the reception and the turnstiles at the entrance to the facilities.

In the case of Repsol, the visit management flow is as follows:

Remote pre-registration

  • The host shares the dasGate platform URL with the visitor via email or calendar invitation.
  • The link redirects the user to a visitor registration web portal.
  • The user verifies his identity at the web portal by scanning his ID and taking a selfie.
  • After verifying his identity, the user requests a visit by filling in the date, time, and location fields.
  • The host receives the request and accepts or rejects the visit.
  • Once the visit is accepted, the user receives by email a private Biometric QR code (patented technology) with which he/she will check in and access the Repsol facilities.

Arrival at Repsol campus

  • The visitor presents him/herself at the Campus Repsol reception.

  • They confirm their arrival by presenting their biometric QR and face at one of the check-in terminals, and the organizer is notified of their arrival.

  • The visitor can access through another terminal integrated into the access turnstiles during the visit, following the same procedure.

After the visit

  • At the end of the visit, the user leaves Campus Repsol by approaching the facial reader that registers his exit.
  • The visit is concluded, and the visitor’s right to access is revoked.

At the same time, the platform offers a web portal for management and monitoring that allows control of all accesses, visits, and registrations in Repsol in real time.


The portal consists of report panels for:

  • Visitor requests
  • Access distribution
  • Security
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The result: A centralized, streamlined and simpler visitor reception and management process.

Relying on dasGate’s visitor management platform has revolutionized Repsol’s visitor reception process, turning it into a digitized and unattended process that is more agile and convenient for the company and improving the access experience for more than 650 visitors each month.

Benefits for Repsol

  • Increased security by verifying the identity of visitors.

  • ROI<1 year with unassisted reception.

  • Management and monitoring of all visits in real time.

  • Savings of 8 minutes on an average per visit

Beneficios for the user

  • Improved user experience
  • Maximum convenience
  • Smooth access
  • It eliminates the need to carry physical credentials, cards, RFIDs, QRs, or wristbands.

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