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Success Story

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Success Story

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Stadium Venecia modernizes and streamlines biometric access to its sports facilities

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Client: Stadium Venecia

Client: Stadium Venecia

Industry:  Sports Club

Tamaño: + 7.500 members

Location: Zaragoza, Spain

Stadium Venecia innovates and streamlines biometric access to its sports facilities

The Stadium Venecia sports club, one of the main sports clubs in Zaragoza with nearly 7,800 members and more than 50 years of history, continues its digital transformation process. To this end, it has installed dasGate’s facial biometrics terminals at its access gates, which, integrated with its GPASoft management software, provide a completely renewed, more comfortable and secure access and management experience.

The challenge: to offer digitization and fun to its members

How to bring a degree of fun with technology and access? To date, members of Stadium Venecia have had access to their facilities through a membership card, which is inconvenient because it can be lost, broken, or stolen. And relatively insecure since the physical credential can be given to a person who is not necessarily its holder. Additionally, access to physical credentials, such as ID cards, can be complicated for people with disabilities and the elderly.

This situation encouraged Stadium Venice to invest in a new access management system. During the pandemic, another facial biometrics system was tested but proved unsatisfactory due to failures due to high temperatures and light. However, when the Club discovered the performance and accuracy of dasGate, it decided to go for it.

During the pandemic, we tested a system that did not work due to the high temperatures and light. However, when we tested dasGate we were delighted because it does not suffer alterations due to these types of physical conditions and works phenomenally well"

Gabriel Alonso, Stadium Venecia Manager

The solution: an access management system using facial biometrics

dasGate has developed a biometric access system capable of providing access in less than 1 second per turnstile without waiting or queuing.

In this way, Stadium Venecia joins the more than 35 sports entities throughout Spain, which have already automated their access management processes and offer their members an improved experience.

After registration, they no longer need credentials to gain access: their face is their access credential. Thus, by approaching the facial recognition terminal located on the turnstile, they will be recognized, and the turnstile will open automatically in less than a second.

The system also increases the security of the facilities by ensuring that only club members have access and by providing real-time access information. It also makes the facilities more fun for families and children.

Easy integration and installation

The dasGate access management system integrates seamlessly with any client’s sports software to centralize all information on a single platform.

In this case, the integration has been with GPASport software, a management solution for sports entities.

An access provider must comply with several premises: operation in secure environments, management of large crowds, national manufacturers… With dasGate we also have a great team behind us and an unbeatable traveling companion"

Albert Amatllé, Head of projects and strategic consultancy for GpaSport

At the same time, dasGate integrates with all turnstiles and access doors. For this reason, the project is scalable and will soon be installed in the access and exit of the Stadium Venecia parking lot and for managing guest access to the Club.

We used to leave the entrance to the club open or give tickets to parents who went to watch their children's matches and stayed all day; with dasGate we can now manage the visits much better"

Gabriel Alonso, Stadium Venecia Manager

The result: Stadium Venecia members are delighted with the new access system

One of the main pillars for Stadium Venecia is the satisfaction of its members, and thanks to dasGate, they can offer a unique access experience: faster by reducing queues and more comfortable as they do not need a membership card to gain access.

The excellent communication work of the Club and its concierge staff has allowed, in just six weeks, almost 3,000 members to register in the system. It is also the most widely used access option, especially by senior citizens.

The elderly are delighted, it is a very comfortable system for them".

Gabriel Alonso, Gerente de Stadium Venecia
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