Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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made in Europe

What makes us unique?

Digital verification of identity

Within 15 seconds, anywhere

Just be you!

Made in Europe

The best technology with the utmost respect for Data Protection and regulatory compliance

Identity platform for different solutions

1:N verification, 1:1 QR, 1:1 IDcard, IDcard

Access without data storage

 Patented biometric QR technology

Biometric engine Top worldwide

Evaluated by NIST, on the terminal

Recognition speed

Under 1 second with more than 100,000 people

Plug & play

No need for changes in infrastructure: neither physical nor digital


Detection of fake images and impersonation attempts

Biometric engine

Our system analyzes the facial image and converts it into an irreversible mathematical vector, making it impossible to recover the original image if that vector is lost. 

The biometrics engine is periodically evaluated by external entities such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the categories of:

  • Verification (1:1): The comparison between two facial images to determine if they are the same person.
  • Identification (1:N): The search within a match within an image database.

Anti-spoofing technology

That protects you against fraud

Identity fraud is becoming increasingly prevalent in the digital world

The security of companies and their users needs to adopt measures to detect these attacks and threats.

Our software includes advanced anti-spoofing technology to detect identity theft through a selfie-and a proof of life. Our software contains advanced anti-spoofing technology to detect identity theft through a selfie-and a proof of life.

We detect:

Biometric QR

Thanks to our patented biometric QR technology, you can be in control of your data at all times.

After the identity verification process, your unique and irreversible vector is encrypted in a QR code that you can easily save on your cell phone.

The biometric QR allows you to easily authenticate yourself when accessing events and facilities through our biometric terminals.

Das Gate - Eventos

Verification of ID documents

The verification of identity documents consists of analysing different security measures present in a document to verify its authenticity and validity digitally and remotely.

Thanks to our Artificial Intelligence engine, we perform this process thoroughly, automatically, and in real-time.

We have extensive documentary coverage in more than 190 countries.

We make sure that the document
is real and valid.

OCR reading

We Extract all the fields written in the document (name, surname or address), in addition to the MRZ (Machine-Readable Zone)

Two-dimensional code reading

We recognize the information present in PDF417, CodeBar, QRs and compare it with that printed on the document to detect alterations

Photo impersonation

We check if the document photo has been replaced or modified and is not the original

Photos to screen

We discern whether the displayed document is a real physical document or a screen or image


We detect if the displayed document is a black and white photocopy

Broken documents

We note any alterations or damage present in the document

What is
facial biometrics?

Facial recognition technology allows us to compare two facial images and determine if they correspond to the same person. In this way, we can verify a person’s identity by comparing the photo of their ID card with a selfie.

Our engine is based on Artificial Intelligence and is designed to protect the user’s privacy at all times.

How does it work?

from your biometrics to an irreversible vector

Unlike its predecessors (landmark-based engines), our system analyzes the facial image. It converts it into an irreversible mathematical vector, making it impossible to recover the original image in case this vector is lost.

Our technology protects users’ privacy by not storing photos or selfies and only has use in the same biometric engine that generated it.

It is important to note that the comparison is always made between vectors and digital references, not between biometric characteristics.

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