Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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A more comfortable, faster and safer passenger boarding experience

Over the last year, Vodafone has worked together with Adif at the María Zambrano Ave station in Malaga to implement a pilot project for an intelligent railway station.

This project aims to create an environment developed by new technologies, supported by Vodafone’s 5G coverage, and evaluate the benefits they bring to the sector and its users.

dasGate has been part of this ecosystem by integrating its facial recognition readers into the station’s boarding area so that passengers can access their platform using their biometrics.

dasGate in María Zambrano

On 20 October, Adif and Vodafone organised an event at María Zambrano station to present the different use cases.

Carlos Arana, Technology Manager at dasGate, intervened in the presentation by demonstrating two of the company’s use cases: “Biometric access for passengers” and “Biometric access for employees and visitors”.

Carlos Arana during the demonstration of dasGate use cases

Access without queues or tickets

dasGate’s solutions focus on analysing existing access processes and improving them through integrating its biometric technology.

Passenger boarding can be digitised in the rail sector to transform it and make it more efficient, convenient, and sustainable. Aspects such as the inconvenience of carrying the printed ticket and presenting it to the train access staff, the possible loss of the printed ticket, the long queues that form at access points, or the risk of ticket resale due to the lack of identity document control, are realities to which we are accustomed but which can be changed and improved.

Thanks to dasGate, any passenger who has purchased a train ticket and pre-registered with their facial biometrics can access their boarding area in less than a second and only by presenting their face. Biometric registration is straightforward. Users access the app and capture their ID card and a selfie. In this way, they get a private and non-transferable access credential. The company is committed to 100% compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements in its solutions.

dasGate’s solution achieves a throughput of around thirty passengers per minute, providing smooth, queue-free access. In addition, it includes advanced anti-spoofing technology to detect identity theft. This ensures that the person boarding is the person who bought the ticket, increasing the level of security for the station and passengers.

Thanks to dasGate’s biometric solution whose software is developed by Veridas, train station users can now enjoy the safest, fastest and most convenient boarding experience – without queuing, without presenting tickets and in less than a second.

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