Visitors and

A convenient, fast and contact-free access experience to your facilities


We make it easy for visitors and employees to self-register remotely or in person at reception by capturing their ID and selfie.

Biometric access

Leave behind keys, ID cards and passwords…

Our terminals can recognise you in less than 1 second, achieving incoming traffic of 30 people per minute

Visitors' management

Convenient and simple management
for visitors and the reception desk

Our web portal allows you to have all the information at a glance

Employees' management

Time and attandence control

The web portal allows you to manage your employees; registering and deregistering them

It provides information panels and reports on schedules and access and allows manual clocking in to cover teleworking

Our terminals are synchronised with dasGate’s web portal and allow you to keep track of your employees’ working hours, recording their clock-in and clock-out times


for the customer and the user

Visitors' management

Employees' management

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