Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

Success Story

> C.A. Osasuna

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Which is the best system for time clocking in at work?

The clocking of working hours has become necessary to comply with regulations and avoid possible fines. Since May 2019, the law obliges companies to control their employees’ access and exit time, so it is essential to choose a convenient and simple system for everyone.

In order to facilitate the work of employees and HR departments, dasGate has developed an access and clocking-in system that offers workers greater comfort, avoiding the stress that this process can cause. How? By clocking in and accessing with their face.

The best system to optimize time and attendance control of employees

dasGate is a system for clocking in at work that improves the experience and access control of workers and, in addition, optimizes the security of the facilities and the process of clocking in during working hours.

How does it work?

  • dasGate generates a digital biometric credential, starting with an employee photo or selfie, allowing the employee to access and clock in and out of work with their face.
  • The employee presents himself at the terminal, is authenticated in less than a second, and gains access without needing keys or cards.
  • The system records the employee’s entry and exit times, through the facial terminals, in its time and attendance platform. This visual and easy-to-use platform is a great help for Human Resources managers.

This way, clocking in and out at work becomes a much more comfortable and straightforward activity since it eliminates the need to do it manually

This solution also provides a real-time management and analysis web portal synchronized with the access terminal.

The system records employee clock-in and clock-out times through the terminal and has comprehensive dashboards and reports that allow all information to be analyzed and managed at a glance.

Advantages of dasGate's access and clocking system

Benefits for employees

  • Convenient access by not needing physical credentials or memorizing codes
  • Automated logging

Benefits for the company

  • Time and attendance control
  • Certainty and security that the people accessing the system are really your employees
  • Dashboards and automated reporting systems
  • Compliance with regulations

"With the employee management solution we offer at dasGate, our employees access the facilities in a much more comfortable and secure way, without the need to carry a badge and look for it to gain access. In addition, we have a more agile and simple solution in which we can verify our employees' workday records. We can also know the workday hours, who is in the building, and who is teleworking; data is vital to our Talent & Culture department."

Marta Villafranca, dasGate's Talent & Culture Director and Head of Recruitment at Veridas

Other companies such as C.A Osasuna or Bildu Lan have also opted for dasGate’s technology and have improved the access experience of their employees, who now access and sign in with their face in a simpler, faster, and more comfortable way. 

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